5 Unique Ways Baby Boomers Are Making Money From Home

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By Jurissa Ayala

In today’s fast-paced, technology driven world, opportunities abound for earning money while staying at home. This is especially beneficial for baby boomers who have graduated to the level of senior citizens.

While achieving senior citizen status has its benefits, many prefer to stay busy and productive. Through the years, seniors have learned a lot of things whether its through a specific career path, travel, hobbies or life experiences and now they are ready to put their lifetime of experience back to work, staying engaged, being involved, and all the while earning money from the comfort of home.

If you’re ready to “punch” a work-at-home timecard, consider one, or all, of these potentially profitable ideas.

Freelance Writing

Many seniors have a desire to write but don’t know where to begin or they don’t realize there’s a market for their knowledge on the Internet. Every website has content that has been written by staff writers or contracted to third party content websites that use independent writers to produce the work. As an independent contractor, writers are responsible for claiming the income and paying taxes but it can be a lucrative home job once a client base is established.

Use the many free writers websites that provide information to aspiring freelancers about companies that are hiring and links to the application page. There is no need to sign up for any service that charges for this information. It’s readily available by doing a little research on your own.

Share the experience you’ve garnered through the years to create informational content. If you have a career specialty such as marketing, finance, retail sales, fashion buyer, human resource or customer service representative, veterinary assistant, chef, home designer and decorator, home renovator, plumbing specialist, and much more, your experience and talent are worth money.

Create a Website

Set up your own at home business with a website where your experience and expertise can earn additional income. Whether you work as an independent travel agent, web designer, consultant, freelance writer, or any other online service related field, you set the prices, terms, and a schedule that works for you.

The website can also serve as a storefront to sell individual or bulk items. Whatever you choose to sell, it’s important to “network” or “link” your other selling venues such as eBay or Etsy to your website to showcase your online inventory. For flea market inventory, post pictures and prices on your website. Through networking, you’ll draw more customers which generate more traffic to the individual websites that can result in more sales.

You can buy and register a domain name and also sign up for an online store at GoDaddy.com or use an optional free service to create a website at WordPress.org that also offers an ecommerce shopping cart to sell goods and services.


eBay has been a source of making money from home for many years. The company takes a percentage of each sale and in return provides the platform to sell just about anything. You have access to plenty of information explaining how to set up an account, determine pricing and shipping, and how to receive payments through PayPal. You are responsible for keeping track of sale items, providing feedback to buyers, collecting payments, and shipping the item.


Open a shop at Etsy and sell handcrafted, vintage, and collectible items or supplies. It’s fun, easy to set-up, inexpensive to post sale items, and Etsy, like eBay, takes a percentage of sales to keep the site running smoothly.

Telecommuting Jobs

Consider working as a customer service representative, data entry operator, medical coder,  virtual assistant, or other telecommuting jobs in the comfort of your home office. Many companies outsource work to at-home employees. Just a few of the telecommuting opportunities that exist are in the fields of home shopping sales, insurance companies, medical billing, graphic designers, software developers and virtual administrative assistants.

Each company has its own training and equipment requirements. Some may require onsite training for a short time, while others offer online training via a computer and phone where you will work through a paid training course over a set number of days with a trainer.

Companies may offer fulltime or part-time positions with various schedules during the day, evening, and weekends with set working hours and scheduled days off. Depending on the company, assigned schedule, employee status as a regular employee or a temporary employee, you may be eligible for insurance, employee discounts, paid holidays, and accrue time for sick leave and vacations.

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