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Everything You Need to Know About Job Hunting Service Scams

Internet Theft - a man wearing a balaclava looking at computer screen using magnifying glass

By: Jurissa Ayala

What is a job hunting service scam — and how does it harm both employers and employees? Job hunting service scams operate like recruitment or staffing agencies, claiming to place job seekers with prospective employers. Occasionally job hunting services may actually be able to arrange interviews and even procure a job for a job hunter, but it will always come at a considerable and unnecessary cost.

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Impressionism: The Movement of Rebel Artists

oil paints and paint brushes on a palette

By Jurissa Ayala

In 2008, a private art collector paid $80 million for a painting by Impressionistic artist, Claude Monet. A few years earlier, $78.1 million was handed over for an original painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, a peer of Monet. Pretty impressive considering Monet, Renoir and their cohorts could not sell their work for even $1 back in their upstart years.

In Paris, in the late 1870s when the Impressionism Movement began, the artists were even prohibited from displaying their work at official art exhibitions. The critics claimed the paintings were “sketch-like” and “unfinished.” One critic called one of Monet’s paintings “just an impression.” Today, those sketch-like, unfinished impressions fetch millions and millions of dollars at art auctions and are on display in some of the most famous museums in the world.

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A Parent’s 5-Step Guide to Keeping Kids Safe Online

Surprised boy with tablet against a grey background  ** Note: Shallow depth of field

By MJ Plaster

Remember when having “THE Talk” meant telling kids about sex? The last time that happened was probably around the time you were a kid. Today, your child will learn more online and in school than you ever wanted to know about sex, starting as early as kindergarten. The 21st century version of “THE Talk” is about how to stay safe online. It’s up to parents to inform their children of the dangers and to steer them away from danger.

It’s no longer sufficient to move computers to common areas. Kids have phones, tablets, etc. Smart TVs are computers. Wii and other game boxes are computers. There’s no escaping cyberspace now that everything in sight is a computer, so what’s a parent to do to keep their children safe?

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Comparing Your Options: Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, or 401k?

Confused businessman concept as a man standing on a road making a decision on a path to take with a group of arrows going in many directions.

By Bryan Cambra

How do you know which type of retirement account is right for you?

There are three main options available for most individuals. The Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, and 401k retirement accounts are the most common because they are easy to establish and provide tax advantages. Take a look at each one to determine which could be right for your needs.

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Emergency Medicine for a Toxic Workplace

Stressed businesswoman covering her ears with hands

The Monday-morning heart attack is more than a myth. Studies published across the globe in the European Heart Journal, the American Journal of Hypertension, the British Medical Journal and others confirm the heightened incidence of heart attacks on Monday morning.

The rise in heart-attack incidence coincides with the return to work after the weekend. According to the American Institute of Stress, “Increased levels of job stress as assessed by the perception of having little control but lots of demands have been demonstrated to be associated with increased rates of heart attack, hypertension and other disorders.”

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Old Town Fight Club: A Wealth of Training, Conditioning and Strength


By MJ Plaster

When you first enter Old Town Fight Club, the creation of owner Alek Loarca, you’re struck by the fact that this is no ordinary gym. The eclectic atmosphere belies its purpose: to train and condition people to champion the fight of life. Don’t let the modern ambiance fool you; the training is classic and combines self-defense with discipline.

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Logo Creation for the Hopelessly Artistically Challenged

Businessman stressed with the brain in smoke

By MJ Plaster

What if, like me, you’re beyond artistically challenged, and you need a logo for your business? Where do you start, and how do you go about getting the perfect logo for your company? Logos look simple and easy to design, but they’re anything but. We’ll walk you through the steps to finding and working with a designer after we set the stage by exploring current logo trends.

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Yours, Mine, and Ours : Joint Accounts

Cheerful mature couple embracing by the beach

By Jurissa Ayala

According to Kansas State University researcher, Sonya Britt, arguments over money are top predictors of divorce in relationships – by far. Those small disagreements over how money is spent in the beginning of the relationship become major bones of contention as the relationship progresses.

It’s also why it’s so important to get a handle on money management early in the relationship – before the fighting begins. There are many ways couples can go about this.

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Arte De Mexico : Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo

Checkworks-Blog-Post-Frida imgBy Jurissa Ayala

Arguably two of the most important artists of the twentieth century, Mexico’s Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo have left a rich and colorful legacy to inspire generations to come.  Choosing art over a medical career when she began painting at age 18, Frida Kahlo remains a world renowned artist. Though her work is attributed to the surrealist genre, she never considered herself as such.

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