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Mobile Deposits: What Do I Do with Checks After They’re Deposited?

Technology has made depositing a check easier than ever. Gone are the days of driving to the bank and waiting in line just to get your money into your account. With the push of a button, your bank receives a picture of your check and the money appears in your account shortly after.  Continue reading

The Difference Between a Personal Check and a Cashier’s Check

The majority of our banking transactions are now completed digitally, using a credit or debit card or a digital and mobile banking app. Even in today’s environment, you may need to submit a check to complete a sale, and it’s crucial to know the differences between the numerous sorts of checks you’ll come across. 

We make it easy to know the key differences between cashier’s checks and personal checks. Keep on reading to find out more!  Continue reading

Old School Personal Finance Habits That Still Work

Among the flurry of “new year, new me” sentiments, there’s one thing that often gets overlooked: the value of tried and true. There’s a lot of outdated advice in the world of personal finance — things your grandparents believed that maybe don’t apply so much anymore. However, there are a number of old-school personal finance habits that still test true.

Continue reading

Benefits of Encouraging Your Teen to Work

Many parents are reluctant to encourage their teenagers to find a job. They worry it will be a challenge for teens to juggle work and school. However, this dynamic might actually teach them balance and better equip them with a sense of responsibility.

There’s a lot your teen can gain from a part-time job – and that’s not just extra spending money.  Continue reading

Working During Your Vacation: Finding the Balance

These days, people often talk about work/ life balance. It’s an easy thing in theory to understand, but often difficult in practice to implement. This holds especially true when you’re on vacation. Granted, sometimes it’s unavoidable to not work while you’re on break.

If you have an upcoming vacation and you know that you’ll have a hard time maintaining your work/ life balance while you’re gone, here are some pointers to help you spend more of your vacation vacationing and less of it working.

These three tips help you set up the systems that you need to set up before you go in order to achieve more balance on vacation. They also help you to establish some work safety nets so to speak so that if it’s truly an emergency, your clients are still taken care of even if you’re not there. Continue reading

Working From Home: Creating a Productive Space

More people today work from home than ever before. The Internet has made this scenario possible. Connect with colleagues without a physical commute. The career possibilities are almost endless.

However, you don’t just show up to a standard office anymore. You must create one yourself. Take a few tips from the experts as you build an office that reflects personality and productivity. Working from home can be a thrill with these office suggestions. Continue reading