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  1. We Protect Your Privacy - CheckWorks, Inc. Does Not Sell or Rent ANY Customer Information With Anyone!
  2. Chemically Sensitive Paper - Prevents alteration of your checks.
  3. Microprint Signature Line - Very small letters that can be read through a magnifying glass, but which appear to the unaided eye to be dashed or solid lines. An "MP" designator is used in conjunction with the micro printed text.
  4. Security Screen - Very light printing on the back of the document with reversed text not easily duplicated by a color copier or scanning/laser printer.
  5. Padlock Icon and Warning Box - Warns consumers that Security Features are present on the document. This Icon and Warning Box is authorized only by the "CPSA" Check Printers Stationery Association to check printing companies who have met the above requirements.
  6. Additional Security Features - We do not make public in order to provide you with additional protection.
  7. Our Security Features - Exceed the requirements of all Financial Institutions.

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